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Our Survey Process

Our blind surey tool provides a simple means to quickly collect accurate data, feedback, opinions and perspectives---all at a very reasonable price. Respondents appreciate the ease of completing the online surveys and the guarantee of anonymity. Clients appreciate the quick turnaround and the ability to customize reports.

This tool was built in response to numerous client complaints that internal survey mechanisms were delivering skewed results or that the respondents were not being candid. The gap between casual surveys and the blind survey process can be enormous. Blind surveys deliver far deeper insights and perspectives that simply cannot be obtained when respondents harbor concerns regarding their identity and the potential fallout of speaking their mind.

Different from the many “free” online survey tools, offers far greater flexibility, customization, reporting and data segmentation based on markets, geography, busines units, business leaders and other selection criteria. Further, data and assessments can be reviewed by our professionals for patterns and themes, something that cannot be done with generic, free surveys.

Please talk to one of our representatives about your customization needs and let us build a survey tool that’s unique to your situation.
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